Don't go to places that charge you for work they can't even complete. Come to us for honest, guaranteed work that'll be sure to put a smile on your face.


You read that right. We are so confident you will be happy with our work, that if anything goes wrong, it's on us.


Our gadget repair techs in Augusta GA are here for you with 6+ years of experience fixing all sorts of crazy issues


We know how busy you are. Quick, quality work is our profession. Don't go to some cell phone shop that makes you wait around for hours or even days because they don't know how to fix anything.

Android Repairs

Looking for Android repair in Augusta GA? Talk about experience with this - we've fixed, repaired & refurbished thousands of Android devices.

Bluetooth Repairs

Use your phones bluetooth often? We love bluetooth technology just like you. We'll get any of your bluetooth connectivity issues solved right away so you can get back to using your awesome, convenient technology.

Apple iphone Repairs

Looking for iphone repair in Augusta GA? Our technicians and your iphones go together like 2 peas in a pod. We'll get it back to 100% healthy guaranteed.

Cell Phone Camera Repairs

Went to take a picture with your cell phone and then realized..hmmm something isn't right here? Bring it on in to us and we'll have you walking away in no time with a flawlessly working camera and a smile on your face.

Windows Phone Repair

Have a windows phone that you absolutely love and its giving you some issues, or maybe somethings broken on it? Search no further, our Windows phone repair in Augusta GA is unmatched in quality & price.

Shattered, Scratched Screen Repairs

We will repair & replace any issues with your cell phone's screen - iPhones, Androids, you name it.

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Cell phone repair in Augusta GA

About Us

Cell phone store augusta ga

When it comes to cell phones, ipads & tablets, theres one thing we can't argue - and that is that we're the best in and around Augusta GA. We are passionate about what we do, this is not just some job for us. It's our hobby as well. We are always learning more in order to better ourselves at fixing any and every device. We will fix all of your electronic devices - Cell phones, tablets, ipads, and even your smart watches and smart gear. No matter what may have happened to your phone, if you dropped it while hunting down lions in the Amazon rainforest, trying to take pictures with cute baby dolphins, saving people from a burning building, worry not. We know exactly how it feels when your phone breaks in these situations. (Ok not really, but I'm sure people have broken their phones in all the above situations). But we do understand the unfortunate experience you may be going through when you see your precious device broken.

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We are Augusta GA cell phone unlocking pros. Lots of service providers lock the mobile devices you purchase so that it can only be used by their services and towers. We'll unlock your phone so you can switch around SIM cards, bring your phone into another provider or whatever you want - we give your smart phone the freedom you desire.
If you have automated backup turned on, it should be no problem to restore your phone back to a certain point in time. If you can't figure the process out (they don't make it the easiest thing in the world) bring it on in to our cell phone shop in Augusta GA and our repair techs will take a look and help you out.
Absolutely. We are experts in fixing and repairing any faulty screens on any device. Bring it on in for quality and affordable phone repairs today!
We are water damages worst enemy. We will perform a diagnostic on your device to find out what exactly the issues are, then eliminate them for good.
Every single repair, no matter how large or small is warrantied for free - That's how we take care of our cell phone users in Augusta GA.
Get your cell phone fixed with speed and quality
We will fix your cell phone faster than any other repair service, and with more affordable pricing than anywhere else in Augusta!

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iPhone Repairs

The screen on this phone was totally demolished. We took it, replaced the screen, had it operating like it was right out of the box.

Android Repairs

We provide the absolute best cell phone repair Augusta GA has to offer. The camera on this phone stopped working, so we slapped a newer, better camera in there.

Kindle Repairs

The touch screen stopped working, so we opened it up, fixed some wiring, had it working like it was brand new again.

iPad Repairs

Screen on this phone was demolished. We have change the whole broken screen and replace it with new one.


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