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When it comes to cell phones, ipads & tablets, theres one thing we can't argue - and that is that we're the best in and around Augusta GA. We are passionate about what we do, this is not just some job for us. It's our hobby as well. We are always learning more in order to better ourselves at fixing any and every device. We will fix all of your electronic devices - Cell phones, tablets, ipads, and even your smart watches and smart gear. No matter what may have happened to your phone, if you dropped it while hunting down lions in the Amazon rainforest, trying to take pictures with cute baby dolphins, saving people from a burning building, worry not. We know exactly how it feels when your phone breaks in these situations. (Ok not really, but I'm sure people have broken their phones in all the above situations). But we do understand the unfortunate experience you may be going through when you see your precious device broken.

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Gallery Before – After

iPhone Repairs

The screen on this phone was totally demolished. We took it, replaced the screen, had it operating like it was right out of the box.

Android Repairs

We provide the absolute best cell phone repair Augusta GA has to offer. The camera on this phone stopped working, so we slapped a newer, better camera in there.

Kindle Repairs

The touch screen stopped working, so we opened it up, fixed some wiring, had it working like it was brand new again.

iPad Repairs

Screen on this phone was demolished. We have change the whole broken screen and replace it with new one.

Top Repaired Devices